Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are everywhere, from autonomous vehicles to medical devices to smart buildings. Designing such CPSs that achieve complex tasks is a hard and error prone process.

In CPS research group led by Dr. Aydin Gol, we develop theory and academic tools to design, control and monitor such systems from formal specifications with correctness guarantees. Our current application areas are smart traffic management, monitoring of web-services, design of real-time systems and disaster management.


Our new project titled “Modeling of Electric Vehicle Battery Use for Micro Grid Applications and Estimating the Energy Requirement” with METU-EEE and METU-CE has received funding from TUBITAK – 1001 programme.

Mert received IFAC Young Author Award at ICONS. Congratulations Mert !

Ebru attended Shonan meeting on “Causal Reasoning in Systems“, and gave a talk on cause mining with STL. 6/2019

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